Why Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Makes The Perfect Gift

Why Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Makes The Perfect Gift

Posted by Hawaiian Isles on 9/28/2018 to Hawaii Holidays
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Why Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Makes The Perfect Gift

We love giving gifts to the special people in our lives for the sheer joy of giving them a gift. It makes us as happy as it does them.

The Perks of Gifting Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee

Here’s a short list of perks that you don’t always find when giving other types of gifts.

1) Large Variety Of Delicious Kona Coffee Flavors
The large variety of delicious Kona Coffee flavors provides you with the opportunity to give everyone on your list a unique gift that they are sure to enjoy, and to do so without showing favoritism. 

2) It’s Affordable - The More the Merrier!
A bag of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee is something special, and it’s affordable enough that you can gift it to everyone on your list.

3) The Perfect Fit For Almost Everyone
It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t enjoy drinking a delicious cup of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee. According to Reuters, a study commissioned by the National Coffee Association surveyed 3,000 Americans regarding their coffee drinking habits. Released in March 2018, the findings show that 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee daily.

4) Even Better Than A Gift Card
There’s no place like home for enjoying a delicious cup of gourmet coffee. The same survey also highlights that while urban streets are inundated with coffee shops, most people still enjoy drinking coffee from the comfort of their own home. In fact, 79% of those surveyed noted that they had brewed a cup of coffee at home the previous day. Only 36% of the participants said they had purchased a cup from an outside location. A bag of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee is something that is sure to be enjoyed for many days after it’s received. 

5) It’s A Gift That Won’t Go To Waste
It’s unlikely that Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee will go to waste, even if it's given to a casual acquaintance who doesn't actually drink coffee. It's perfect for re-gifting, since everyone knows someone who absolutely loves coffee, and will appreciate and enjoy the gift of premium, gourmet coffee.

The people who would LOVE to receive the gift of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee

1) The Ohana (Family)
Chances are that you’ve enjoyed sharing a cup of coffee or two with your parents, children, siblings and other family members. When you give the gift of Kona Coffee, it sparks memories of special times in the past. When you actually enjoy a cup in person, you’re celebrating your special connection and creating new memories in the process.

2) Best Friend
Think of how many cups of coffee you’ve enjoyed with your best friend over the years. Now imagine how the gift of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee opens the door to so many more fun times ahead.

3) Friend Across The Miles
No doubt you have a childhood friend, college roommate or military buddy who no longer lives in your immediate area. It’s important to nurture relationships with those who have remained a constant in your life.

4) Mentor
Remember when you were deciding on your career path and needed guidance from someone you trusted? Recall that you always chatted over a cup of coffee? Say thank you for your mentor’s wisdom by giving them a bag of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee.

5) Holiday Party Host
Hosting a successful holiday party is no easy task. Don’t show up empty-handed. Show your appreciation by presenting your hard-working, generous host/hostess with a bag of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee. And who knows? They might even serve it with dessert.

6) Student Care Package
Even if they don’t admit it, students living away from home often feel lonely. This is especially true during the holidays, since so many of their holiday traditions involve family.

That’s why a care package designed to help them celebrate will be so meaningful! Not only will it make them feel loved, but it will also help jump-start the student’s morning or provide a little oomph when studying for finals late at night.

We hope you enjoyed our little taste of Aloha! If you ever have any questions or story ideas, please e-mail us at [email protected]!


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