The Perfect Business Gift

The Perfect Business Gift

Posted by Hawaiian Isles on 10/12/2018 to Hawaii Holidays
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The Perfect Business Gift

Show How Much You Care with the Perfect Gift - Kona Coffee!

Whether you’re shopping for your staff or co-workers, thanking clients for their loyalty or acknowledging a vendor/supplier who always goes beyond the call, the gift of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee is sure to please.

Among the very few gifts that nearly 100% agree on is Kona Coffee. That’s why it makes an outstanding business or corporate present to share during the holidays.

Here’s a short list of perks that you don’t always find with other types of business gifts.

1) It’s Affordable

A bag of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee is a special treat that’s affordable enough to give to everyone on your holiday list.

2) Easy To Share
When it comes to business gifts, it’s hard to find one that pleases nearly everyone in an office. A break room basket of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee makes it especially easy for employees to share.

3) Boosts Morale & Productivity
Gifting Kona coffee is an excellent way to boost employee morale, focus and productivity. It’s a gift that finds employees motivated to thank you for your kind gesture. And especially when you give a bag of delicious Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee, it serves as incentive that should enhance productivity as it heightens employee engagement. In simple terms, happy workers are more productive workers!

4) Delicious Way To Say Mahalo
What better way to say mahalo than by expressing the joy of the season with Kona Coffee? You’ll certainly make a lasting impression among existing and potential clients since drinking coffee will be a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness. Best of all, they can also share it with their friends and families.

5) Varieties To Please Everyone
The large variety of delicious Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee flavors allows you to give everyone in your office a unique gift that they’re sure to enjoy, and to do so without showing favoritism. 

6) It Won’t Go To Waste
Even if you give a bag or gift basket of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee to someone who doesn't actually drink coffee, it’s highly unlikely that the gift will go to waste. Since everyone knows a coffee drinker, it’s a winner for regifting.

7) Fits Within Corporate Gift-Giving Policies
While it typically isn’t common knowledge, there are federal laws pertaining to corporate gifting that vary within industries or with the reason for presenting a gift. Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee is one of those affordable, non-controversial gifts that should fall safely within corporate restrictions that include monetary limits.

Several groups of people that might warrant gift giving.

1) Employees To Boss
Since your boss doesn’t necessarily expect a holiday gift, Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee will be a pleasant surprise that shows your thoughtfulness and good taste. It’s also a nice way to show your appreciation on National Boss’s Day that falls on Monday, Oct. 16.

2) Boss To Employees
Employees always appreciate receiving a holiday gift from corporate executives. A bag of Kona Coffee will help show that you consider staff members a valued part of your business team. Beyond the holidays, consider gifting Kona Coffee for reaching sales goals, company milestones, employee anniversaries, or simply to say, “Keep up the good work.”

3) Co-Workers
Thank your closest office colleagues for their friendship and loyalty with a bag of Kona Coffee for the holidays. Since it’s so economical and comes in so many varieties, you can give everyone a different flavor. Or bring a gift basket that they can share in the break room.

4) Vendors & Suppliers
Your vendors and suppliers help to make your business a success. The holiday season presents a prime occasion to show how much you appreciate their quality performance with the surprise of Kona Coffee. Let them know that you look forward to maintaining your working relationship in the future.

5) Clients
Building client relationships is fundamental to nearly every profession. Once established, it’s critical that you sustain these valuable relationships. Say thank you with a gift basket of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee. For an added touch, include a personal gift card so they know that you look forward to working with them in the years to come.

6) Secret Santa/White Elephant
Coffee is always a safe bet since nearly everyone drinks it. If someone who doesn’t drink coffee receives it, they can turn around and trade it or give to someone else as a gift. And you may have the opportunity of “stealing” it back as the game progresses.

7) Business Partners
A gift basket of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee is the perfect example of an executive gift that’s tasteful without being overly expensive. While your business partners may pour a cup or two from the break room coffee pot each day, it’s a nice gesture to offer Kona Coffee that they can enjoy at the office or take home to share with the family.

Business Gift Giving Beyond the Holidays

Even after the holiday season, Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee is an excellent way to commemorate a company milestone, recognize top performers, welcome a new employee, honor someone retiring from the company, or simply add a special spark to the employee break room. 

We hope you enjoyed our little taste of Aloha! If you ever have any questions or story ideas, please e-mail us at [email protected]!


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