Kapiolani Community College Farmers’ Market

Kapiolani Community College Farmers’ Market

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KCC Farmers Market

Oahu’s mega-popular KCC Farmers Market, where you can meet farmers and innovators who are turning trends into a way of life.

Hawaii’s farmers markets have existed nearly as long as island farms and ranches. From plantation-era trading and selling to today’s flashier gatherings showcasing agriculture and aquaculture bounty from across the islands, these colorful markets serve up a delicious opportunity to savor the flavors of Hawaii.

You can be assured that Hawaii Farm Bureau (HFBF.org) markets feature only Hawaii-grown products. No matter which island you’re visiting, it’s likely you’ll find produce, fruits, seafood, beef, pork, poultry, flowers, snacks, and handmade goodies from other islands. Think everything from lilikoi (passion fruit) mochi and Hawaiian Sweet Bread French toast to gourmet plate lunches and Hawaii Regional Cuisine bites.

KCC offers an incredible selection of locally-grown produce, locally-sourced meats and poultry, and locally-made ready-to-eat foods in an authentic farmers market setting. Be sure to arrive early since shoppers are hungry and inventory is gobbled up fast!

After sampling and purchasing goodies on the campus of Kapiolani Community College, grazers can work off calories by hiking the Diamond Head Trail across the street.

KCC Farmers Market Vendors

KCC vendors sell everything from Hawaii Island honey to Oahu chocolate. There are too many vendors to list in a short blog post, but here are just a few to give you a basic idea of what to expect. You can see the full list of vendors and more information on the Hawaii Farm Bureau website.

Akaka Falls Farm

A small family farm located on Hawaii Island, Akaka Falls Farm grows some 60 varieties of tropical fruits and peppers. According to Steve Stefanko, the farm produces English Curds or American Butters the same way they've been made for 200 years, meaning with eggs, butter, sugar, and fruit.

“Our Passion Fruit Jalapeno won an American Good Food Award in 2018 and our Passion Fruit Hawaiian Pepper with Smoked Pineapple won the same award in 2019. Both are excellent BBQ glazes.” Stefanko adds that shoppers should also check out the Akaka Falls Farm chocolate spreads that use Hawaiian cacao.

Big Island Bees

“I think the farmers markets are wonderful, as they allow the customer to know more about the food they eat and how it was produced,” says Whendi Grad of Big Island Bees. “This gives them a much better appreciation for the food and the farmers working to bring the food to their tables.”

The company harvests single floral honey, with each varietal unique in flavor, color, and texture. The three primary varietals are Organic Ohia Lehua Blossom Honey, Organic Wiellaiki Blossom Honey, and Macadamia Blossom Honey.

Eggs Hawaii

Eggs Hawaii is proud to offer the only Certified Organic Cage-Free eggs and is the only Certified Organic egg farm in Hawaii.

“It’s fun coming to the KCC Farmers Market,” says Iris of Eggs Hawaii. “We enjoy the people and the opportunity to talk about our family farm. Plus, our fellow vendors have become old friends.

Burgers & Burritos Hawaii

Chef Jonathan creates Burgers & Burritos and Mexican favorites created from all locally-sourced ingredients.

Happy Cakes

Hawaii's Most Famous Cake! Made fresh on Oahu from locally-sourced ingredients, Hawaiian Happy Cakes blend island-sourced pineapple, macadamia nuts, and coconut flourishing with the flavors of paradise in every bite.

Ahualoa Farms (Macadamia Nuts)

Featuring delicious hand-picked and roasted Macadamia nuts, Ahualoa Farms has something for everyone. Mac nuts are 100% Hawaiian-grown from Hawaii Island.

Madre Chocolate

Madre Chocolate is carefully made bean-to-bar on Oahu from lightly processed cacao, preserving many healthy antioxidants while still providing a rich, deep flavor.

Top 10 Farmers Market Tips

For the ultimate Farmers Market experience, follow these 10 tips!

1) Go early, but not too early

2) Make it a family affair by taking the kids

3) Bring cash and small bills

4) Bring your own bags

5) Expect more than just produce

6) Take a loop around the entire market before making a purchase

7) Try something new

8) Ask questions and chat with the vendors

9) Don't expect to haggle over the prices

10) Share your experience on social media and include the vendor’s name

The Best and Freshest on Oahu

Every Saturday Morning – 7:30-11:00 am

How to get there:

Kapiolani Community College
4303 Diamond Head Rd.
(Parking Lot C)

Bus routes #3, 22, 58

The KCC Farmers Market is sponsored by:

We hope you enjoyed our little taste of Aloha! If you ever have any questions or story ideas, please e-mail us at [email protected]!


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