What to do with your coffee grinds?

Posted by Louis Law on 9/19/2013 to Coffee Tips and Tricks
What to do with your coffee grinds?

I'm always trying to find ways to reduce my carbon footprint and do things that reduces waste when possible. As a daily coffee drinker, I'm sure I have generate a lot of used coffee grinds overtime. One of our Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee fans emailed me the other day to inquire about what she should do with used and old coffee grinds.

I know through some of my friends with a green thumb said that coffee grinds can be reused as potting soil.

"Coffee grounds have long been a favorite addition to compost piles. But did you know that they are also an excellent amendment to potting soil? They’re lightweight, porous, high in organic matter and attractively dark. Plus, if your soil is alkaline, their natural acidity helps balance the pH. A good source of used grounds is your local coffee shop, where they’re usually happy to give them away."

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/coffee-grounds-perk-up-soil-and-plants.html#ixzz2fNeP3qFe