We really appreciate our customers--and our customers appreciate us! Here are just some of the wonderful responses we've received recently. If you have your own personal testimonial, please feel free to email us.

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
Review: I have been ordering coffee for 15 or more years and as always, I have never had a problem. Great coffee and great service.
-Schhbarb via ResellerRatings.com (received 3/31/2010)

I have always had good service from Hawaiian isles... I am pleased with both the service and the product and will continue to order in the future. Thank you for your ray of sunshine from cold and blustery New York
-Vicky D. - Brentwood, New York (received 2/25/2010)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
Review: Excellent service - good web site - exceptional delivery process. - rwlimerik via ResellerRatings.com (received 2/23/2010)

Thank you!! I got it yesterday!!! drinking a cup as we "speak"! I've not ordered in a while...And it is even better than I remember!!! The coffee here is horrible!!! THANKS AGAIN
-Ginger P. - Evans, Georgia (received 2/23/2010)

Thank you sooooo much for the rapid and free shipping. I just received my order and can hardly wait to make some great coffee. You were referred to me by a friend who has gone to Hawaii for vacation numerous times and has tried several different coffees, saying yours is the best. I was able to go in 2000 and remember seeing your coffee but didn't try it; didn't start drinking coffee on a regular basis until retirement about three years ago. Kona blend is really good but I'm excited about trying 100% kona. That was ordered as a birthday present for my son and a special everyday gift for my husband. Please know I will be ordering from you again.
-Susan M. - Kendallville, Indiana (received 2/19/2010)

Aloha!! I LOVE your coffee, and I've helped 2 of my co-workers fall in love with it
also, which is wonderful for order-placing saves us all on the shipping costs! Keep up the good work!
-Diane J. - Richfield, Ohio (received 2/17/2010)

Thank you for the recent shipment of coffee. We received our order on February 4th and were very happy to have our order so quickly! Thank you for your great customer service.
-Dorothy K. - Tyndall, South Dakota (received 2/5/2010)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
Review:Always fresh & delicious.
Always ontime delivery.
Always treated with courtesy.
Always my first choice for 'special treat' coffee.
-pahouck42 via ResellerRatings.com (received 2/2/1010)

I adore Hawaii, and pretty much drink nothing but Chocolate Macadamia Nut now. I keep the Kona Blend and Sunrise Blend around for my guests. Thanks for making such a great product, and I hope you enjoy getting to work in Paradise!
-Julie S. - Palm Harbor, Florida (received 2/1/2010)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
Review: Ordered 2 packages of Kona Blend coffee and received the order within 3 days without any issues.
-jwalser via ResellerRatings.com (received 2/1/2010)

I look forward to receiving my order. I had never tasted your coffee before and received some as a gift for Christmas. It was so good! And I look forward someday to visiting your beautiful state, since alot of Alaskans come there for R and R. Take care.
-Debra T. - Anchorage, Alaska (received 1/25/2010)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
Review: Thank you for getting my order shipped so promptly. I have been buying my coffee from the Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company for 8 years. I have tried multiple flavors from them and been happy with each and every one. I must say the the whole bean varietys have the best flavor. I can't imagine not having it. Kudos to Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company they have the best coffee I have tried. Thank you for being an excellent coffee company. Sincerely,
-Shantel S. - Utah (received 1/19/2010)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
Review:This is the second time I have ordered from this company. I love that no sooner do I place my order than I see it is already shipped and on its way. I usually sit and track my packages getting impatient about where they are, but not here! Thank you for the great coffee and seamless delivery!
-klg via ResellerRatings.com (received 1/12/2009)

First off, I love this coffee more than.... well, more than anything! A client of mine brings me a bag about every couple of weeks. Although I'm sure this free ride won't last forever, I plan on having no other coffee other than the Kona. Thank you VERY much!
-Isabelle B (received 1/6/2010)

WOW I got home today and my order was on my doorstep already. Your service and responsiveness are as good as your coffee! Thanks!
-Edward L. - Orangevale, California (received 1/5/2010)

Mahalo for outstanding customer service! My package arrived today in perfect condition. I can't wait to sip a fresh cup of wonderful Kona.:-) You guys are the best!!
-Renata H. - Billings, Montana (received 12/14/2009)

I can't believe I received this so soon. I am so anxious to make a new pot of coffee. Hope it tastes as well with our water as it did in Oahu. The smell of the coffee right out of the bag itself is something I have remembered all year long, so that alone is worth ordering it. Thanks for the quick shipping. -Kerri J. - Gering, Nebraska (received 12/14/2009)

ALOHA DAVID: Mahalo for shipping my order so fast. Received it a day before heading out to Pennsylvania to visit my husband's family for thanksgiving. They always look forward to receiving Hawaiian Isles Coffee from me. We recently moved from Oahu (our home) to Florida and found out none of the stores here carry this coffee. Good ting I stuffed my suitcase with some of your great coffee before leaving "da rock". Tanks again for the email confirmation. It is very refreshing to have a company reply and take care of a request in a timely manner. GREAT SERVICE!! Mahalo nui loa and Mele Kalikimaka to all.
-Lita Kekoa G. - Auburndale, Florida (received 12/9/2009)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
Review: We love the Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee! We mix it half and half with our regular coffee. Everyone that comes for a visit at our house thinks we have GREAT coffee. It's a good thing we can order from you, because we couldn't afford to travel to Hawaii everytime we wanted more coffee! Your orders have always arrived very quickly, and were exactly what we ordered.
-Bonnie R. via ResellerRatings.com (received 12/5/2009)

I would like to compliment you on your Extraordinary Customer Service and your wonderful product. I get to Maui twice a year and I stock up, but we go through this stuff like water. I really appreciate all your help. Happy Holidays!
-Shannon S. British Columbia, Canada (received 12/3/2009

Thank you very much. A compliment to you company also. I was never a coffee drinker till my 1st trip to Hawaii in 2000, and have been hooked on you holiday coffees every since. Thank you for the wonderful product, just wish it were in stores near me. Happy Holidays, a very loyal customer.
-Daniel H. - Kettering, Ohio (received 11/26/2009)

Dear Mr. Dugay, Thank you for the shipping date confirmation. My wife and I thank you and your company for the consistently excellent tasting coffee. I mix the pure kona coffee in a bag with the 24 oz bag and then we enjoy. We have tried other coffees here, they never are as good. I used to call in my orders to your office and always was treated in a very kind way. May God continue to bless you and your family and your company. Best wishes.
-Mark L. - Phoenix, Arizona (received 11/19/2009)

Thank you! I will wait for the cinnamon crumble! I am almost out of Hawaiian Isles coffees, they are my favorite, and I can't settle for a store brand, so I will wait! Thank you -Darcey S. - Central Point, Oregon (received 11/16/2009)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
I love Kona coffee. I lived on the Big Island for a year and half. That's when I started to drink coffee I always bought Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee so I was bummed when I moved to Michigan and thought I would not be able to get my coffee. I have been ordering on line since. I have had the best experience I always get my order and in a timely manner I will always continue to order from Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company thank you I love your coffee
-Bonita B. via ResellerRatings.com (received 11/7/2009)

Aloha David! My coffee arrived yesterday and I can't believe how fast it got here. Thank you for the prompt delivery! I am sitting here drinking a cup of the Nutcracker Sweet and it is absolutely delicious. I will most certainly be ordering more for Christmas gifts. I am already hooked! Sincerely,
-Misty B. - Hurricane, West Virginia (received 10/31/2009)

Thank you so much, I got the coffee today. How fast. Already drinking some. I have given your coffee to my workmates for the holidays for the last several years. They love it. thanks,
-Robin P. - Tempe, Arizona (recieved 10/24/2009)

Dear David, WOOOT!! AT LAST!!! I just ordered the Cinnamon Crumble ( I hope it's as tasty as the Coffee cake) and of course it is SOLD OUT but you have promised to ship it as soon as its available. (I will be checking obsessively!)
Two points
1. THANK YOU for making another cinnamon coffee!! *doing a happy dance around my coffee maker*
2. See? Cinnamon coffee is FLYING out the door - you need to add it/them permanently! Hazelnut is passe!

Just my humble opinion! Respectfully, gleefully and with Warm Regards,
-Laurie F. - Blain, Minnesota (received 10/23/2009)

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I have a friend in Hawaii who sends me ground coffee from you, but the whole bean is so much better.
-Judy E.- Emporia, Virginia (received 10/15/2009)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
I have been ordering coffee from this Co. for a long time now and I must say, the coffee is superb, the service is great and it is always delivered in a very timely manner! The cost is outstanding also and they always have great specials.
-Feedback posted on ResellerRatings.com (received 10/15/2009)

David, Thank you so much! I look forward to receiving the coffee. Your Kona Coffee is, in my opinion, the best in the world! I am just so sorry that I can't buy it in a store near me. I will be ordering again once this shipment runs out. Thank again for working through this with me. Sincerely,
-Emily C.- Richmond Hill, Georgia (received 10/9/2009)

Mahalo! As the weather turns cool here in western Missouri, I long for the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Sipping a nice warm mug of Kona coffee helps bring back the memories of the relaxing vacations we've enjoyed on those heavenly islands.-Nancy W. -Garden City, Missouri (received 10/8/2009)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
What a great company. Ordered on Saturday, rec'd order on Wednesday in Texas. Also rec'd several e-mails regarding order. Upon arrival order included a free gift. On a scale to 1 to 10 this company rates 10+ in my book.
-Feedback posted on ResellerRatings.com (received 10/7/2009)

MAHALO!! For shipping my order so fast, just received it today. We recently moved from Maui to Texas as our work contract had expired. We found out that Costco doesn't carry this coffee on the mainland so, therefore our order. Thanks again for your service and promptness. -Connie M. - Corpus Christi, Texas (received 10/7/2009)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
I live in Las Vegas Nevada and exclusively drink your coffee every morning and have for many years. I have tried other brands but none compare to Hawaiian Isles. I travel to Oahu many times a year and fill my suitcase on return. I was glad to find your website and found it easy to order from. Mahalo -Feedback posted on ResellerRatings.com (received 10/3/2009)

David, Thanks you very much for your email. As usual I look forward to Hawaiian Isles great Coffee that my family has been drinking for years. I expect to repeat another order after the new order runs low. Have a nice day. Regards, -Charles S. - Washington, D.C. (received 9/24/2009)

Aloha, Hawaiian Isles is da only one to order coffee from. I am giving 1 of the classic bags to a friend who wants to try it out. They will be come to the islands on a cruise in January. Hopefully the taste of da coffee, will have them ordering from you in da future. As always, you'll have my order 4 eva. Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa, -Clayton L. - Coon Rapids, Minnesota (received 9/24/2009)

thank you for the order confirmation, I was very surprised to see the coffe on our porch Wed. the 16th after we ordered it on hte 15th.. Thank you -Terry and miriam P. - Eugene, Oregon (received 9/17/2009)

Customer Satisfaction: Very Satisfied (5 of 5)
All my coffee has been provided by Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Companythis for about 4 years. The only problem I ever had was corrected that same day prior to shipping my order. Excellent customer service, fast shipping and the world's best coffee, who could ask for anything more? Not me, a very happy customer, -Feedback posted on ResellerRatings.com (received 9/16/2009)

[regarding an error in shipping fees] Thank You so much for your prompt handling of this matter. I know I will enjoy my order as I have so many times in the past. It is refreshing to work with a customer service department that is really sensitive to it's customers. I will continue to keep making my regular orders from your company hopefully for many years to come. thank You again, -Edward K. - El Dorado, California (received 9/15/2009)

Hi David, You have been very easy to deal with and a great help. I?ll definitely pass some of the product onto my friends. I discovered your products by receiving it as a gift and would recommend it to anyone and will purchase it again myself. Feel free to pass this email onto your supervisor so he/she knows you?re an asset to the company. Thanks for your help, -Alex P. - Pennington, Australia (received 9/15/2009)

We are excited to be able to get more of this fabulous coffee! I am addicted since our trip last month! I have passed along your information to friends and family so I'm hoping they will order more too!-Amy W. - Farmington Hills, Michigan (received 9/14/2009)

I am a repeat customer -- love the coffee and the memories of my trips to Hawaii. Prices are excellent and the coffee tastes wonderful.-Feedback posted on ResellerRatings.com (received 9/8/2009)

Thanks so much. I appreciate your help. I can't go a day without my cup of Kona coffee. I have everyone at the school I work at wanting to share in my special pot. It has become my standard Christmas gift to close friends and I hear about it if I don't give them a bag! Keep those yummy flavors coming!-Elaine P.- Thomasboro, Illinois (received 9/3/2009)

I can't wait to get your coffee! I have spoiled myself Kona coffee is the only type I like. I have been without it for a few months. I use to purchase it through Sam's Club but they stopped stocking it. Then I looked on line and when the shipping charges are almost as much as the coffee I had to withdraw my orders. But I applaud your company they have found a way to get the product to us for a small shipping charge. I plan on being a customer for a long while. Please make sure I get notices of your sale items. I just found this sale by surfing the web. Thanks again,-Randy B. - Chicago, Illinois (received 8/31/2009)

Cannot wait for the coffee to arrive! Thank you!-Krista K. - Phoenix, Arizona (received 8/27/2009)

Thank you! Looking forward to enjoying your delicious coffee.-Lena V. - Los Angeles, California (received 8/27/2009)

Thanks David, I received the coffee and I love it best blend around :) -Patti R. - Chicago, Illinois (received 8/27/2009)

Thank you so much for the response. I can't believe how quickly the order arrived! [she placed her order on August 21 and it was delivered 2 business day later.] I am SO happy!-Rebecca T. - Maryville, Tennesse (received 8/27/2009)

Got my order today. Thanks for the correct order and the wonderful product. Looking forward to your updates on facebook.-Kamala T. - Vancouver, Washington (received 8/26/2009)

David, Thank you for your help and prompt response as always.-Hugh P. - Paramus, New Jersey (received 8/19/2009)

Hi David, Thank you for the tracking number, we just received the package today and my husband loves the coffee!! Thank you and I look forward to ordering from your company again.-Linda F. - Austin, Texas (received 8/19/2009)

Respectable Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is SGT Julie H. I am a member of the [omitted] Field Artillery Battalion, Kansas Army National Guard. Our Battalion is in preparation for deployment overseas for a year. We have been enjoying Kona coffee for the last several weeks and truthfully, your coffee has become our only choice for consumption. There is no other coffee as good as yours. -Julie H. - Kansas (received 8/19/2009)

Thanks. We can smell the Sunrise brewing already! -Linda - North Andover, Massachussets (received 8/17/2009)

Aloha David, Thanks for the note. Love your coffee! We drank it when we lived in Hawai`i, and it brings back fond memories of the Islands.-John D. formerly of Pacific Palisades (received 8/12/2009)

Thank you! -Joanne E. - Hoxie, Kansas (received 8/12/2009)

Thank you David. I just love your companies coffee. I'm really into flavored coffee-Chris B. - Sparks, Nevada (received 8/11/2009) and I'm so glad you have such different coffee. Thank you again for all your help. TTFN

THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE! I'll be in touch if I decide to phone in an order & pick it up there before returning to the mainland...thanks again. -Duane S. - Fountain Hills, Arizona (received 8/10/2009)

Dear David, Thank you, I appreciate that very much. Yes, I have been a customer for a long time and have referred you to many of my friends, as well. Again, mahalo. Aloha, -Bonnie J. - Encinitas, California (received 8/9/2009)

Mahalo David, looking forward to it! Great, Great Coffee! -Mike G. - Plano, Texas (received 8/8/2009)

Hi David, Thanks for getting back to me, my records indicate that the correct amount was charged; I see the coffee is in Columbus already! Thanks again, -Matt G. - Columbus, Ohio (received 8/8/2009)

David, Thank you so much. We love your products and will contine to be a customer. Regards, -Velma Y. - Norwalk, Connecticut (received 8/8/2009)

I truly appreciate your help with this. I'm not so computer literate......Thanks again!-Katherine B. - Overgaard, Arizona (received 8/7/2009)

Aloha David, Thank you very much for the status on my Kona coffee order and the great promotion information. Your time and support is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your weekend! -Sheila H. - Clinton, Maryland (received 8/7/2009)

Thank You and it is always a pleasure doing business with Hawaiian Isles. I absolutely love the coffee.-Charles P. - Grant, Alabama (received 8/5/2009)

Thank you so much. It is very refreshing to have a company reply and take care of a request in a timely manner. Thank you again. -Lanida P. - Citrus Heights, California (received 8/3/2009)

You are VERY welcome! We have gotten spoiled during our trips to Hawaii...and now simply have to order our coffee from you! Mahalo to YOU!-Anina C. - Wausau, Wisconsin (received 8/3/2009)

Thanks, David - you're a gem! Have a great week.-Anne B. - Edmonds, Washington (received 8/3/2009)

Ke Aloha No! [love always for Hawaii] David, Thanks for your speedy service. Your coffee is my absolute satisfaction. Mahalo,-Rob B. - Carmel, California (received 7/29/2009)

[customer inquired about the fat/cholesterol/calorie content of our Vanilla Macadamia Nut coffee. No fat, no cholesterol, 2 calories per 6 oz cup.] Hey thanks, It looks like I don't have to give this up!! -Betsy G. - Linwood, New York (received 7/27/2009)

Thank-you for all this information. I really appreciate it! I will contact the store in BC and see what can be done to reduce shipping costs. You have a great products. Whenever someone goes on vacation to Hawaii, I have them pick me up some ! Have a great day :-) -Julie B. - Montreal, Canada (received 7/23/2009)

Got it! How did that coffee get from Hawaii that quick? [she placed her order on Saturday, July 18 and it was delivered on Wednesday, July 18]-Karen B. - Oak Forest, Illinois (received 7/22/2009)

Aloha, David, Mahalo and thank you for the prompt response. -Alan F. - Ontario, Canada (received 7/22/2009)

ALOHA Just a note to let you know our order arrived this morn. Looking forward to the taste of Kona l enjoyed on our Hawaiian trip in 2006. Have been buying your brand since then, but the store closed. Glad to find your website. Mahalo, from northwest Illinois. -Troy and Cindy D. - Lena, IL (received 7/8/2009)

Mahlo to you too and by the way love the coffee. =0)-Elisa G. - Spring Valley, California (received 7/7/2009)

Hi David, Thanks so much for calling yesterday. I love your coffee and will probably drink it forever. Mahalo, -Shiela S. - San Mateo, California (received 7/7/2009)

Oh my, yesterday we received a package from a friend in Lahaina, excitedly we opened it up and there it was, the package of pure gold, our favorite coffee, Hawaiian Isles, Vanilla Macadamia Nut. I get up earlier than my husband as I work at home, fix coffee and start my day, it never wakes him up. However, today?he came out of the bedroom and thought he was back in Kihei! As I sat in my office, holding my cup of joe, I closed my eyes and took in the essence of the sweet aroma. No kidding, I could feel the breeze like I was sitting on the lanai, hear the birds chirping, see the palms swaying and our grandchildren running on the grassy grounds below, I instantly relaxed. Thank you for such a smooth, great tasting product, we are yours forever. -Carla G. - Red Bluff, California (received 7/2/2007)

David, Thanks a lot. Wouldnt buy my coffee from anywhere else! Cheers -Neal M. - McDowall, Australia (received 7/2/2009)

Good Morning David, Thank you for the confirmation. We actually became acquainted with Hawaiian Isles coffee during our frequent stays in Hawaii. And we always took one suitcase with us for taking it home for ourselves and the perfect gift for family and friends. This is actually our second internet order with you. Our first was last fall, (or maybe early this year) and your attention to detail is great and the taste the best. Thanks again -Karen B. - Yakima, Washington (received 7/2/2009)

Hi David! We received the coffee yesterday and we are very happy with it :) thank you once again, looking forward to more purchases!-Michelle L. - Garden Grove, California (received 7/1/2009)

Aloha David -- Mahalo -- We received the coffee today. Happy 4th of July Holiday! -NLH - Honolulu, HI (received 6/30/2009)

Thanks David, I'll be enjoying Kona in the morning thanks in part to you. Keep up the good work,-Barry W. Cambridge, New York (received 6/26/2009)

Thank you for answering my e-mail - I appreciate it - and I do love your coffee!!! -Nancy (received 6/24/2009)

thank you for the prompt reply as well as the prompt delivery. We just can't find the quality product anywhere else, which is why we keep coming back. Aloha! -Dan E. - Fremont, California (received 6/19/2009)

David, We did receive the sunrise whole bean coffee. Thank you so much for being so kind and fast to respond. We do love your coffee and plan to keep ordering from you. Where else could we get such great coffee as well as truly great service. Thanks again, -Linda C. - Mesa, Arizona (received 6/19/2009)

Hi David: I just received my order promptly as usual. Love my Kona Coffee! The Chocolate Macadamia Nut is our favorite. Couldn't do without it. Thanks a million. -Margaret B. - Long Island, NY (received 6/16/2009)

Aloha David, I just thought I'd let you know that your coffee was waiting for me when I got home this evening. Mmmmmm! I first tried your coffees when I visited Hawaii about 10 years ago, and nothing compares. I can't wait to try the Macadamia Nut blend, and the rest of the tempting flavours you hvae on offer. Mahalo for your wonderful coffee, fast delivery and excellent service. I'll definitely be back! -Jennifer S. - Cranbourne, Australia (received 6/15/2009)

David- thanks to HIKCC. Looking forward to receiving my Kona Blend next week. It's even better than the 100% kona. One man's opinion. Mahalo. Or as they say in Finland, Kiitos! -Doug F. - Babylon, New York (received 6/13/2009)

Thanks, David, for the usual very prompt shipping. Love, love, love the coffee!!!!-Margaret B. - Coram, New York (received 6/12/2009) We first tried it on a trip to Hawaii several years ago. Now we can't drink any other brand. Wouldn't dream of being without our Kona Coffee

David, Thanks so much for the follow up. It's 6:20am here & I'm waiting for the pot to finish so I can go sit on my patio & watch the sun come up & the hummingbirds feed. It doesn't get much better than this. Best coffee in the world!-Mike B. - Crosby, Texas (received 6/7/2008)

EXCELLENT service!!! Thank you. :)-Kathleen S. - Apopka, Florida (received 5/30/2009)

David, When a company makes customer service a high priority, rest assured I will remain a loyal consumer. Thanks for understanding and I appreciate you passing the savings on to our company. -Brad C. - La Grange, Texas (received 5/27/2009)

Dear Mr. Dugay - Thank you for the status on my order. It has been over 3 years since I was in Hawaii where I discovered Kona Coffee and have been hooked ever since. I have tried several places here in Phoenix, Arizona but they only carry your regular Kona Coffee. They do not carry your favored brands. I'm sure we will enjoy every cup. Aloha, -Cecilia R. - Phoeniz, Arizona (received 5/26/2009)

We just wanted to share our recent great experience with your wonderful Kona coffee.
In November 2007, we had the good fortune of purchasing your Kona Frosty's Vanilla coffee at our local military commissary. We decided to keep some of the bags in the freezer to hopefully help preserve the great taste. For some reason, we found 2 bags that had somehow slipped behind some other items in the freezer. My wife thawed out a bag and made the coffee pot for the next morning.
To our amazement, the coffee was just as fresh tasting as the first bags we had purchased over 19 months ago. We will alternate the Kona Frosty's Vanilla along with the other great flavors of the Cappuccino and Vanilla Macadamia Nut coffees each and every morning while we sit back and remember the beautiful and fun times we had while stationed in Hawaii.
Thanks again for an absolutely fantastic coffee. This is the only brand we will ever use in our house. Aloha and Mahalo, -Scotty and Gloria L. - Converse, Texas (received 5/26/2009)

David, Thank you for your reply and although I am emotionally CRUSHED, I will survive [one of her favorite coffees is no longer available]; And I will of course order and enjoy more of your fabulous coffees! I have signed up! Thank you Again and thanks for looking around for me it is appreciated. -Laurie F. - Blaine, Minnesota (received 5/22/2009)

Aloha David, Thanks for getting the order out so quickly. I received it today and can't wait to indulge! I would appreciate it if you would keep me in mind when you get some XL T-shirts as your website only showed Medium and Large. I'm looking for one for my husband with the islands on it. Missing the beautiful Islands of Aloha!! Mahalo,-Candice P. - Hampstead, New Hampshire received (5/18/2009)

Thank you for the email message. The package came yesterday. I want to thank you for the 2 bags of cookies. They look very yummy.-Linda C. - Wrentham, Massachesetts (received 5/9/2009)

Superb service from ease of using your website to receiving a top quality product-Kathleen S. - Apopka, Florida (received 5/7/2009) in record time. I definitely will order again. Thank you.

I so look forward to the Choc Rasperry[limited edition flavor]. I've not found a single other "brand" that compares. Keep making it and I'll keep buying it. Thank you.-Sandra S. - Shalimar, Florida (received 5/5/2009)

Very cool feature to have the Akamai Calculator! It makes it really clear about how much we're saving!-Kathy W. - Temple City, California (received 4/22/2009)

Dear David ! We are almost out of coffee and soon you will have a new order from us. It is still impossible to get Hawaiian coffee here in Norway, Scandinavia or Europe as fare as we know. All of our friends that has visited us says it tasts like heaven, and we Norwegians are a coffee drinking people. In the winter (that has just passed)when we get home from work, its cold lots of snow and dark, Hawaiian coffee brings you back to the Islands and the winter seams a little lighter. Sorry about my English, hope you understand. Skedsmo -Grete and Ove R. - Skedsmokorset, Norway (received 4/22/2009)

David, Thank you so much. This will a nice surprise for my cousins. They were visiting last weekend and loved the Kona Sunrise coffee. This package should put a smile on their faces. -Linda H. - Berthoud, Colorado (received 4/22/2009)

I will look forward to ordering more of it this summer. Thanks for the heads up on that. As I said, it's my wifes favorite to drink and mine to smell, grounds or brewed! :-) Thanks, -Chris M. - Oceanside, California (recieved 4/20/2009)

I just wanted to comment that your coffee is amazing and every morning, here in New York, the smell of fresh brewed vanilla macadamia nut brings me back to Maui! Mahalo! -Brooke T. - Geneseo, New York(received 4/17/2009)

It's obvious that you and your company fully understand the strength of customer service and satisfaction, and the potential impact it has on future sales. Your gesture will not go unrewarded by me. I assure you I intend to continue to be a loyal customer and use my big mouth to tell all my family and friends about the fine products and service I receive from Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind consideration. You have made my day. Keep up the good work.-Eric R. - Los Alamitos, California (received 4/17/2009)

Dear David, I received our coffee yesterday, and I am very pleased that the turnaround is very quick. loved your coffee since the 1st time I tried it and now I got my entire family and friends hooked on it. people sometimes stops by my house just to have a cup of your wonderful coffee.. they sell it at the Navy store here in San, so every once in a while my sister would get me a bag or 2, although I wish they would sell it in other places where the general public can purchase it. either way, I won't go back to any other coffee but Kona Island coffe. thank you -Cesar O. - National City, California (received 4/16/2009)

Thank you, if we can get to the Hawian Islands at least we can enjoy the great coffee until our next trip:-) Thanks -Rocco M. - Seattle, Washington (received 4/15/2009)

Fantastic! I'm VERY excited!!-Michael H. - Dallas, Texas (received 4/14/2009)

What a wonderful afternoon--our coffee arrived. We think y'all have the best Kona coffee. We were introduced to it early September, 2005. We hurricane Katrina hit, our church, Marksville Baptist Church was a shelter from late August when Katrina hit until the second week in October. We housed 125 at the beginning, the after a couple of weeks, we were down to 75. We provided living quarters, three meals a day, helped get children into school, helped find jobs--some were permanent jobs. We received assistance from many states--clothing, money, food and supplies from local people. One of the boxes we received came from Hawaii and contained Kona Classic and several flavored varieties. We also received an assortment of macadamian nuts--my favorite was coffee covered. The note sent with this said it was for the workers who were taking care of our evacuees. I wish we had kept their name and address because we have never forgotten their generosity. At Christmas that year, I ordered quite a bit and made "goodie" baskets for friends at Christmas. I just wanted to share with you on how we became acquainted with your wonderful coffee. Sincerely, -Liz M. - Marksvilla, Lousiana (received 4/14/2009)

Thank you! This is a surprise for my mom, as she has talked about nothing but Kona coffee since her and my dad went to Hawaii, 30 some years ago. I picked some up for her when I was in Las Vegas, and that was the best thing I could have gotten her. I will give her a bag every now and then. Thanks again!-Jennifer O. - Mason City, Iowa (received 4/13/2009)

Thanks David, we look forward to the coffee.-Jeff B. - Gig Harbor, Washington (received 4/13/2009)

I hope this bad economy is not affecting you. We need you guys to stay in business! I can never find same coffee as you guys makes. Believe me, I have looked everywhere in main land but none of them even come closer to your Vanilla Mac. Coffee! Regards,-Kaori D. - Southborough, Massachusetts (received 4/10/2009)

Hello Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company! I've emailed with one of your reps before, but I cannot recall his name. I just wanted to say "Thank You". We received our order, along with the Promotional Kona Co. Coffee Scoop, and we also received the Promotional 9 oz. bag of School Kine Cookies Golden Shortbread Nibbles. In a previous order we received the School Kine Cookies: Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Nibbles. We loved them so much and we meant to order some, but it slipped our minds. So, we have placed another order for 3 bags of the Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Nibbles and 2 bags of the Golden Shortbread Nibbles. Thank you so much for including these wonderful cookies in our 2 orders, and for the coffee scoop. We absolutely love the cookies. Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company's coffee is the very best we've ever tasted. We received a bag as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and we've been purchasing from you online ever since. Thank you so much from two coffee lovers and one with a HUGE sweet tooth. Sincerely, -Terri & Reg M. - La Mirada, California (received 4/3/2009)

Aloha, Coffee arrived - such great service, and a wonderful product! Mahalo nui loa!-Jane P. - Amherst, Ohio (received 4/3/2009)

Aloha. I was expecting my delivery today and it did arrive. But I had to tell you, your delivery also brought happiness to the FED EX delivery person. I saw him park across the way from my lawn.I went to the door awaiting him. He came across grass with the box in his right hand and he started doing the hula with his left hand and moving his hips. He then said he would have gone to Hawaii to pick this up for me. When he left he said ALOHA. It gave him a few minutes of pleasure out of his busy day.-Sandra H. - Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (received 3/31/2009)

Mahalo for the quick response. I'd love to be added to your mailing list and will be waiting for October! I sure do miss Hawaii. I lived there for 8 years and would love to come back someday. The coffee you have is the best I've ever tasted and it gives me a little piece of Hawaii every day. Aloha!-Christie B. - Richmond, Virginia (received 3/27/2009)

Thanks David! We received the coffee yesterday and are delighted to be able to have a little Hawaii at home. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in your beautiful state and look forward to returning again and again! Mahalo!- Kathy E. - Waterford, Michigan (received 3/26/2009)

Aloha David, my order arrived on Monday as promised. Your service and products are excellent. Mahalo, -Joe C. - Joplin, Missouri (received 3/25/2009)

Hello David, Just received the package of my dreamy coffees from Fedex right in front of my door. ::~:: Thank you for your assistance and speedy service. Have a productive day and a fun weekend!-Genially, Carmen H. - Hong Kong (received March 19, 2009)

Aloha, you do us a very good service and Mahalo for your awesome effort in shipping us our orders. Aloha -Mark & Paula P. - Spanaway, Washington (received 3/19/2009)

Hi David, We received the Kona Dark French Roast today and are delighted - thanks this is such a treat. That poll that showed 8-o'clock coffee as being good didn't know about your coffee. -Beverly and Joe B. - Prosper, Texas (received 3/19/2009)

I'm a first time buyer and I ordered your coffee just last week, and I received it today. I can't wait to leave work and make a pot of coffee. Your service is unbelievably fast. Thank you, -Arlene H. (received 3/17/2009)

Thank you David. I am certainly looking forward to receiving my dreamy coffee items. Have a productive and fun day at work. Amiably, -Carmen H. - Kowloon, Hong Kong (received 3/17/2009)

greeeeeeeeeeeeeeate !, 5 stars out of 5 !, yur the bestest, Thanks :)-David B. - Canyon Country, California (received 3/15/2009)

David, Arigato gozaimasu. Douzo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu. Toutyaku tanoshimi ni shite imasune!
[english Translation] David, Thank you very much. It was nice to meet you. I am looking forward to receiving the coffee. -Eriko K. - Tokyo, Japan (received 3/13/2009)

David, I understand. I did call the nearest store [World Market] and they had one bag of the Hazelnut left. Sells well here, too! I'll check and see when they're gonna get more. Soon, I hope - I'm going through Hawaiian Isles withdrawals :-) Hurry, summer, get here quick. Again, David, thank you. -Pam E. - Junction City, Oregon (received 3/11/2009)

Hi David: Just wanted to let you know the order arrived as scheduled - and in good shape. Thank you- Mary P. - Austin, Texas (received 3/10/2009)

David Dugay Many thanks for your prompt reply to my email! I anxiously await October of this year, and the opportunity to make a large quantity order for your company's delicious Kona Mint Chocolate coffee! Aloha; With a Wish for Your Continued Success,-Bill M. - Victoria, Texas (received 3/9/2009)

Thank you David! I swear this is the best coffee ever, I'll be waiting for it Aloha-Wendy O. - Yorba Linda, California (received 3/6/2009)

I tried your coffee when on vacation on Maui and I thought it was great. My mom then gave me your coffee as a gift a year later and I forgot how much I enjoyed it when I was on vacation. My family and I both love your coffee. My ignorance would sometime question my mom when she would buy your coffee because I thought it was expensive and then on top of that you have to pay for shipping and handling. Anyway after rambling I just wanted to say thank you very much for such great coffee as well as customer service. I feel it is very hard a lot of times to be treated nicely when ordering things online. I am very happy with your service and I plan on continuing to give you my business. Thanks again for being so awesome!!! I look forward to my mornings when I get to wake up with Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee:)-Becky S. - Latrobe, Pennsylvania (received 3/6/2009)

Aloha We love your coffees!!!! We would like to make a request...for more decaf blends of the very yummy sounding flavors. In an effort to stay healthy, we try to just drink decaf coffee. It would be great to see some more flavors in decaf. Not sure how much of work this entails on your part, but wanted to mention it for your consideration! Thank you -Donna S. - Plantation, Florida (received 3/5/2009)

Thank you I received my coffee yesterday. Have A Nice Day Cal-Calvin A. - Hot Springs Village, Arkansas (received 3/3/2009)

We LOVE your coffee. Please keep up the good work!- Sara S. - Los Angeles, California (recieved 2/27/2009)

Dear David, Just wanted you to know that the cookies are to die for! The last time they came as a bonus with the coffee, (good marketing) it worked because my husband eat almost all of them, bummer, so of course I had to order more. I brought them home & he says where are the other ones? What other ones? the short bread, I called Hawaii & they said it was in the order. Good try I didn't order them, next time. So, not only am I hooked for years 16 to be exact, on your wonderful coffee, now you have us on your cookies too. Thanks a lot! Sincerely yours, -Pat P. - Los Angeles, California (received 2/26/2009)

Super!!! Thanks so much! I have to say - I tried the Kona Sunrise when I was in Hawai'i back in 2002 and drank no other coffee for the 2 months I was there! You can keep your Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc!! I love the Kona Sunrise or Kona Cappuccino! Thanks for letting us mainlanders keep up with our favorite coffee (and for having sales so we can better afford it)! -Sara P. - South Orange, New Jersey (received 2/25/2009)

Received the coffee today! Thank you SO MUCH! Can't wait to try it. Thanks again, -Susan E. - San Diego, California (received 2/24/2009)

Aloha, David, Just received our wonderful Kona Coffee. My Fianc? is from Big Island and introduced me to this great coffee! And now Fed Ex delivers it to our door in San Diego. Thanks for the good work and prompt delivery. Aloha, Mahalo-Connie S. - San Diego, California (received 2/24/2009)

Aloha David, Hawaiian Aisles Coffee company is AWSOME! I just love your service.I look forward to many happy years of ordering from you. If we ever make it back to the wonderful state of Hawaii we will plan a visit to your store. Mahalo, -Debra J. - Montgomery, Alabama (received 2/19/2009)

Thank you for the prompt response. My son and daughter in law live in Honolulu and send me coffee every once in awhile and I have gotten so that I only drink Hawaiian coffee now. I will check out the sale. Thank you,-Madeline S. - Lawrenceville, New Jersey (received 2/19/2009)

David, Aloha, I just received email concerning the sale. So I have placed my order already. I have told a friend how to order your wonderful coffee. Your sale just made it possible for me to not to have to take and extra suitcase with me when we come to Hawaii this Sept. We always buy a lot of coffee while we are there and need the extra suitcase to carry it.This will be our 9th or 10th trip. We love the Kona Coast area. Any way Thank you for keeping us updated on the coffee sale. It is so nice to have the worlds finest coffee shipped directly to my home and we always know the order will be correct. Thank you for helping to make my day brighter.-Bill A. - New Smyrna Beach, Florida (received 2/18/2009)

Mahalo, David, for the lovely letter of confirmation of my Kona coffee order. I have so many pleasant memories of Hawaii that I definitely will be reminiscing as I sip my Kona coffee. What about that tornado that was near a golf course yesterday? Where was that exactly? The National news wasn?t specific about the location. Aloha, -Jean S. - Colorado Springs, Colorado (received 2/12/2009)

Aloha David, I received my FedEx package today and am very pleased to have more of my favorite coffee beans in my pantry before the last beans I had left are ground. I will continue to enjoy the warmth of the Hawaiian Islands, my good friends born and living there, and all the memories of my 2 1/2 years of residency there with every pot of fresh ground Hawaiian coffee beans I brew. I will be sure to continue to share with my friends who have never experienced your ALOHA! Wish I was there! Thank you David, Mahalo! -Bruce H. - Des Moines, Iowa (received 2/6/2009)

David Thank you so very much , I will be waiting.By the way, I want to tell you guys how much we love your coffee. We've looked a long time for a good coffee and have found it. Thanks Again! -Gerald & Vicky - Ligonier, Indiana (received 1/28/2009)

Thank you very much. We appreciate the personal service. We love your coffee and look forward to our shipment! Thanks -Karen C. - Lake Mary, Florida (received 1/28/2009)

Cool beans...You're coffee's the best...-Jeff M. - Punta Gorda, Florida (received 1/26/2009)

Aloha David, The order has been received along with the Cookie Surprise, nice touch. Mahalo, -John & Cathy - North Kingston, Rhode Island (received 1/26/2009)

I just got my Coffee...thank you so much for fast delivery and service. This is the best Coffee i ever had. And also thanks for the Cookies. Best, Happy Customer-Judith D. - Buxton, North Carolina (received 1/23/2009)

Dear Sir or Madam: Just to inform you that today I received my first order that I placed to your company on January 20th. Thank you for the fast service. I will be ordering from you about every 2 months. Take care. Sincerely, -Jerome S. - Belwood, Illinois (received 1/22/2009)

Oh my goodness! The cookies are just FABULOUS and I really appreciate the "special" on the coffee. It's very hard to do without your Vanilla Mac coffee so I order it sent to me in Salem, Oregon (for which I am extremely grateful). Best wishes for a great 2009!- Barbara C. - Salem, Oregon (received 1/21/2009)

David, Thank you for the prompt reply.
My husband and I return to Hawaii every year for our vacation and have done so for about 7 years now. Kona coffees are always one of the souvenirs that we bring back for our friends and relatives, in addition to buying the coffee for ourselves. We have visited the Kona Coffee Plantation in Kauai numerous times. We love it and our timeshare is on Kauai so this is where we go each year.
Please let me know when you feel the Creme Brulee may return. I am truly disappointed that it is limited. It seemed quite popular. I would love to see if come available a bit more frequently. My husband and I have NEVER found a coffee that we are "crazy" about as we have the Cr?me Brulee. As a matter of fact, we are quire embarrassed to say that we are soooooooooooooo crazy about it because we are quite selective out getting "hooked" on any item with any company. It seems that when we do, they are either discontinued or, as you have stated, are only a "special edition" product. It does not seem to matter what category the item falls into, we apparently have a knack for picking out the "specialties".
Thank you again for at least responding to my request. I appreciate the customer service. That is something that our society seems to be lacking these days. Have a blessed day! Aloha, -Lorri D. - Burleson, Texas (received 1/16/2009)

David, Thank you so much! You have no idea how excited I am! I placed an order right after I received your email and the order # is: [deleted]. I appreciate your reply and customer service. I look forward to a great cup of coffee. Thanks again, -Amber D. -Kotzebue, Alaska (received 1/7/2009)

Thank you!!!! I received the coffee is a timely manner, and I was equally satisfied with the coffee. I first tasted your coffee as a gift and I really enjoy it. I am sure that i will be ordering more coffee from your company in the near future. Thanks for the quality online service! I will surely share your information with my coffee-drinking friends, and encourage them to use & buy your products. Thanks so much for exceptional "on-line" service and quality. 8o) -Wayne C. - Petersburn, Virginia (received 1/4/2009)