Meet The Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Ohana!

Meet The Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Ohana!

Posted by Hawaiian Isles on 12/16/2018 to Coffee Questions
Meet The Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Ohana!
With Over 20+ Hawaiian Inspired Flavors, Meeting the Whole Family Can Be Intimidating!

A lot of people who first learn about Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co. can be overwhelmed with the wide range of coffees and flavors that we offer!  We did come up with and refine them over 30+ years and we hope over time you'll be able to try each and every one of our super ono (tasty) flavors!

So to make things easier, we are going to introduce our most popular ones and we hope you'll be able to "meet" the rest of the Ohana (family) when you are ready.

Kona Classic


The big Kahuna of the family, our Kona Classic is our signature roast 

that is not only our best selling coffee but also used as the primary base for all of our flavored coffees.

For those wanting a light/medium roast made with a touch of Aloha, this coffee is the one for you.

Kona Vanilla Macadamia Nut

For those seeking the true taste of "Aloha" that combines the signature macadamia nut

with a subtle taste of Vanilla, our Kona Vanilla Macadamia Nut is the coffee for you!

Roasted to a light/medium color with our world famous vanilla macadamia nut flavoring,

memories of the sand between your toes are truly just a sip away of our top selling flavored coffee!

Kona Sunrise

Our most popular dark roast coffee, our Kona Sunrise, is made for those who like to drink their

coffee on the "dark side".  Though it is our most popular dark roasted coffee, we would consider

this coffee to be more of a medium/dark roast.  Unlike some other big brand coffee 

companies, we like to keep our roasts a little lighter so you are able to get the 

full and rich flavor that we believe coffee should taste like!

Kona Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Our Kona Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee is for those Hawaii lovers that 

most likely had one too many chocolate covered macadamia nuts here on vacation!  

The combination of our signature macadamia nut flavoring with our chocolate flavors leaves

you all the deliciousness of your favorite Hawaiian candy but a lot less guilty than eating a whole box!

Single Serve Cups (Keurig Compatible)

Say "Aloha" to the newest member of the Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Ohana!  We are so proud to make our very own

Keurig compatible single serve cups right here in Hawaii in our four most popular flavors!

Kona Classic

Kona Vanilla Macadamia Nut

Kona Sunrise

Kona Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Single Serve Cup Bundle (choose your own 9-pack)

Kona Dark Private Reserve Coffees

Even though most of our coffees are more of the light/medium roast color, we did decide to come out with our Kona Dark Private Reserve line.  

Full bodied and roasted to our darkest color, these coffees are the boldest that we offer in our line of Kona coffee blends.