Hawaii's Haunted Plantation 2017

Hawaii's Haunted Plantation 2017

Posted by Hawaiian Isles on 10/18/2017 to Best of Hawaii

Every year Hawaii's Plantation Village on Oahu gets transformed into the


Celebrating 12 years of fear!


Believe it or not... The peaceful island of Oahu is home to one of the scariest Halloween attractions in the entire country.


This year they'll be doing CLOWNS as one of the main themes.

And it looks absolutely terrifying!




They really put a LOT of work into this.

They have a cast of about 60 professional actors. A typical makeup session takes an average of three to five hours. Honolulu Magazine recently published an amazing timelapse video of an actress being transformed into a flesh-eating zombie.



Here's what other people have to say


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Faceless zombies, twisted clowns and evil orcs join forces at the hellish slaughterhouse known as the Haunted Plantation of Waipahu, Hawaii.


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The Haunted Plantation insists this is more than a haunted house - it’s an entire haunted village. It’s brilliantly terrifying


Syfy Network - Ghost Hunters - Season 7, Episode 16
The Plantation Village in Hawaii was once a sugar plantation staffed by laborers from all over the world. Today, it's a museum, but the spirits remain of those who died while working, committed suicide or were murdered during its years as an active farm.


Travel Chanel - The Faceless Lady
A Mujina, or faceless lady, haunts the Plantation Village on Oahu.


Global Stroll - Haunted Plantation 2017 – Hawaii’s Scariest Haunted House
The folks at Global Stroll visited the Haunted Plantation the other day and wrote up a great review with some great recommendations on buying tickets and what to expect.

Here's the basic information


Haunted Plantation


94-695 Waipahu Street
October 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 31
7pm-10pm (Halloween closes at 9pm)


Haunted Plantation Ticket Prices (Cash Only)
$15 General Admission
$20 Fastpass
$30 VIP Pass

The VIP Pass puts you at the front of the line and gives you access to 2 secret rooms.
These passes are limited so get there early.

Ticket Booth opens at 6:15 PM and get there early.
Expect long wait times the closer it gets to Halloween

We hope you enjoyed our spooky little taste of Aloha!

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